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The St. Jacobs Country Quilt Story

In the homes of the traditional Mennonites of "St Jacobs Country" the practices of the past change on a pace much slower than the world that lives around them. Such is the age old practice of the young bride receiving the gift of quilts at her marriage. Still today it is the norm for a daughter getting married to receive a number of quilts from her parents. These quilts have been made over a number of years leading up to her marriage with the young girl and her friends being involved in helping with their production. These quilts are designed for the very practical purpose of being used for bed coverings in her new home. Many of them are made from material that her mother had in her collection of fabrics from various sewing projects over the years. It's also not uncommon to use good used fabric for these quilts, so it is quite likely that a girl receives a quilt that has patches in it made from a dress she wore as a little girl.

Hand QuiltedAfter the quilt top is sewn together, in any number of traditional patterns, the girl will invite her friends to a quilting, and they will spend a day together working at quilting one of her quilts. This is a social as well as a work time, something that many young girls look forward to. In this way all of the young girls in the community are still taught the basics of the practice of quilting. Not all go on to enjoy this craft with the same measure and so for some they would only quilt when they are invited to a quilting or if they are making a quilt for themselves later in life. For others it becomes a craft that they very much enjoy and for some it even becomes a thing of some passion. It is these women that become the "piecers" and "quilters" that make the production of these quilts for the purpose of enterprise possible. When their families are grown and they are heading towards the "golden years" they make quilting the preferred way to spend any extra time that they have between their other responsibilities. It is these quilters that become skilled enough to work on the quilts that are on display at Quilted Heirlooms.

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